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Jean M. Auel
The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined
Steven Pinker
The Hakawati
Rabih Alameddine

Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Kate Sherwood Highly recommend! This book boasts much more plot and character development than the average m/m. The romance aspect is just one part, not the central conflict; that's a really nice change from the usual. The horse aspects are very well done, and a couple of the horses became favourite characters by the end. It's a comfortable read with plenty of humour. The interplay between the protag, Dan, and his straight best friend, Chris, is particularly enjoyable. There are some great female characters and the sequel adds several more, which is a great asset in an m/m/m book. Overall: Solidly written, great characters, interesting growth, adorable horses, and it definitely had me buying and downloading the sequel before I'd even finished. A real winner of a novel.